Hot Bodies Rear Khaos 1/5 Buggy Tires Baja 5B 5T HBS67972
HBS67972 Hot Bodies Rear Khaos Tire, White : Baja 5B, 5T

Hot Bodies Rear Khaos 1/5 Buggy Tires Baja 5B 5T HBS67972

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Hot Bodies Khaos tires have been designed specifically to suit a range of off-road racing conditions, and are perfect for loose dirt, clay, blue groove and damp tracks. They also work great on hard surfaces with a scattering of dust on top.The tire body has hundreds of wide rectangular lugs spaced around the carcass, providing excellent forward traction and mud-slinging ability to keep the treads clear and the tire free from dirt build-up. The square sides of the treads give supreme cornering grip for extra confidence in technical track sections. Running down the center of the tire is a double row of tread blocks spaced even farther apart for excellent straight-line stability at high speeds. The carcass shape makes it perfect for rutted and bumpy terrain, and the curved sidewall helps prevent grip-rolling.
  • HPI Baja 5B

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