JConcepts 1/10 Car Stand JCI2012
JCI2012 JConcepts 1/10 Car Stand

JConcepts 1/10 Car Stand JCI2012

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JConcepts Illuzion - Car Stand has been designed for an Illuzionized yet practical look. Molded in Heavy Duty clear polycarbonate the Illuzion - Car Stand will withstand the rigors of all 1/10th scale and 1/8th scale buggies and trucks. The flexible yet durable material allows the user to trim or add holes to their own specific needs. To top off any racers pit area the Illuzion - Car Stand can also be painted or decal wrapped to match any paint scheme. This product includes clear polycarbonate, protective film, JConcepts Illuzion decal sheet.

Paint of modeler's choice, Scissors and Reamer.

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