JConcepts Stackers - Mega Soft Black Compound JCI3065-07
JCI3065-07 JConcepts Stackers - Mega Soft Black Compound

JConcepts Stackers - Mega Soft Black Compound JCI3065-07

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This is the JConcepts air of Mega Soft Black Compound Stackers Tires and Foam Inserts for 1/8 scale Buggies.

  • Fits 1/8 scale Buggies
  • Heavy center lug design for increased forward bite
  • Super aggressive tread including stacked features
  • Includes light-weight and durable profiled closed cell inserts
  • JConcepts tacked / Hybrid type design
  • Ideal spacing for performance, traction and wear
  • Available in Medium (Yellow), Soft (Blue), Super Soft (Green), Mega Soft (Black) compounds

Consistency, speed, and longevity describe the winning fundamental elements of any 1/8th buggy race or driver characteristics. The JConcepts tackers tire is a culmination of successful DNA from the highly popular Crowbars and Hybrids tire tread patterns. The Stackers reveal a heavy center lug design that’s supported at the lower base with tiny fillets and extra rib features that provide a heavy forward gripping force. Directional slashes have been cut into the tread to soften the lugs to absorb bumps and also increases the lug flexibility to accommodate loose conditions.   

The Stacked rows actively react with one another to lower the overall wear of the tire and outer rows are a medium to hefty size lug with alternating positioning to drive forward and side-bite. The side-lugs are finished off with a hard angle to ease the transition from forward to side-bite while maintaining a linear feel without edginess in the turns. The Stacker’s inner ribbing features a repeated X-type ribbing that reduces the amount of tire expansion under power while still being soft and cushy for bumps and rutted sections.  The Stackers include JConcepts rofiled “closed cell” inserts to finish off an extraordinary tire.

Two JConcepts ega Soft Black Compound Stackers Tires and Foam Inserts

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