JQ Products Diff Oil 8,000 JQPA019
JQPA019 JQ Products Diff Oil 8,000

JQ Products Diff Oil 8,000 JQPA019

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This is the JQ Products 75ml bottle of 8,000cps Diff Oil for THE Car.


  • Thinner Differential Oil will decrease on-power steering and reduces over steer, cause the front wheels to unload more during acceleration, increase off-power steering and make it easier to drive on rough tracks
  • Thicker Differential Oil will improve acceleration, increase all-wheel drive effect, increase on-power steering (reduces under steer), and is better suited to smooth, high-bite tracks
  • Thinner Differential Oil will increase off-power corner entry steering
  • Thicker Differential Oil will increase on-power corner exit steering and makes THE Car more stable when braking into corners
  • Thinner Differential Oil will increased corner entry steering and increase cornering traction
  • Thicker Differential Oil will reduced wheel spin and decrease rear traction while cornering

One 75ml bottle of JQ Products 8,000cps Diff Oil

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