JR Radio Forza 450 Helicopter Combo JRP988332
JRP988332 JR Radio

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JR Radio Forza 450 Helicopter Combo JRP988332

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This is the JR Radio Forza 450 Helicopter Kit Combo. The JR Forza 450 is an advanced electric 3D helicopter that is aimed to uplift the 450-class RC heli community to a new performance pedestal.

  • Carbon frames which are rigid and lightweight give a very clean look to the helicopter
  • Adjustable servo horns are included to provide an accurate linkages. (Only for JR servos)
  • Autorotation one way bearing integrated into the pinion gear, allowing a simple and lightweight main gear
  • The new belt drive system features a large front pulley, giving low drag drive to the tail rotor
  • FRP canopy neatly covers all the mechanics, giving a simple and smart appearance
  • Bearing blocks with integrated servo mounts - solid servo mounting and direct linkages to the swash plate
  • Servos can be easily removed from the helicopter frame
  • 6mm main shaft, 4mm tail shaft - strong and crash resistant
  • Helical tooth main gear results in a smooth drive train and low noise footprint
  • Originally-designed control lever - very simple with no free play - feels like a much larger helicopter

Built for the pilot who wants the ultimate in extreme 3D flight and designed around a reputation for quality, JR Radio took everything they loved about their “big” machines and reduced it into a convenient, yet potent, flybarless helicopter.

Adjustable aluminum (JR type) servo arms are included to provide accurate linkage geometry. The integrated servo mounting points of the bearing blocks offer both a solid servo location and a direct linkage connection to the aluminum swash plate. The servos are also very easy to remove.

The unique autorotation system features a one-way bearing in the pinion gear, reducing weight and simplifying the main gear. Helical teeth in the main gear help to keep the drive train quiet and smooth. The large front pulley for the tail drive belt offers lower drag and the simple tail rotor control lever is slop free so you can have a bigger 3D heli flight experience.

JR Radio Forza 450 Helicopter Kit
NHM-30-6P 3500KV Motor
Swash servo FBL-DS21
Rudder servo DS3500G

Transmitter (120 CCPM capable) and Receiver
LiPo 3 Cell 11.1V 2,200-2,700mAh Size: 35 x 105 x 27 mm (maximum)
Battery connector
Battery charger
Type: 450-size Electric Helicopter Combo Kit w/TAGS Mini RA01L Receiver
Main Rotor Diameter: 731mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 155.5mm
Gross Weight: 820 grams
Length: 663mm
Main Gear Ratio: 9.07 : 1
Tail Ratio: 1 : 4.29
Motor Size: Motor NHM-30-6P ?3500KV?Included
Kit/ARF/RTF: Combo Kit
Control System: Flybarless 120-degree CCPM
Rotor Blade Length: 325 - 350mm
Assembly Time: 1-3 Hours
Is Assembly Required: Yes

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