Kimbrough Ackerman Servo Saver KIM123
KIM123 Kimbrough Ackerman Servo Saver Large

Kimbrough Ackerman Servo Saver KIM123

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Kimbrough Ackerman Servo Saver is designed to give an essentially linear steering response throughout its normal range of motion. The servo saver mounts directly on the servo output shaft and is designed to absorb the shock transmitted to the servo from the wheels to prevent stripping the servo gears. #160; Sturdy white plastic construction

Includes: (1) Servo Saver. #160; (3) adaptors allow this servo saver to be used with Airtronics, Futaba, Sanwa, and Novak servos AND (1) screw to mount saver to servo

Requires: All other hardware for steering system.

Dimensions: 1 diameter, 5/16" thick, 15/16" from center to end of arm, 9/16" from center to steering arm attachment point

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