Kysoho DRX VE 2010 Ford Fiesta 2000 w/ Syncro KT-200 2.4GHz Radio
KYO30881B Kysoho DRX VE 2010 Ford Fiesta 2000 w/ Syncro KT-200 2.4GHz Radio

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Kysoho DRX VE 2010 Ford Fiesta 2000 w/ Syncro KT-200 2.4GHz Radio

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This is the Kysoho DRX VE 2010 Ford Fiesta 2000 with Syncro KT-200 2.4GHz Radio included. The Kyosho "D Series" has a new brushless electric added to the lineup, the all new DRX VE! The DRX is the successful rally platform from Kyosho that started out as a nitro car and has quickly become one of the most popular RC rally cars available today.

Now redesigned into a brushless electric version, the Kysoho DRX VE gives you a new dimension to this class. Offering incredible power to weight ratio, extreme durability, a 3 full differential drive train that's perfect for a WRC rally car and even chassis covers for wet or dirty environments!
Unbelievable realism can been experienced driving on surfaces such as pavement, grass, dirt and gravel -just like the real cars all with the convince of a brushless electric drive train. This is one of the most flexible RC cars on the market today.

With ultra-realistic 1/9th scale super detailed pre-finished bodies, fully assembled chassis and almost everything you need in the box including the Kyosho KT-200 Synco 2.4Ghz radio system as well as the Orion KV2400 sensorless brushless motor and R10 Sports ESC to get you going included. All you need is batteries and a charging system.
Length: 563mm
Width: 260mm
Total height: 187mm
Wheelbase: 316mm
Tread (F / R): 215mm/215mm
Tires (F / R): 93 ? 38mm / 93 ? 38mm
Gear Ratio: 8.86:1
Gross weight: About 2,600 g
Motor: ORION R10 EVO. Sensor KV2400 brushless motor
Battery: 7.2V nickel hydrogen, Li-Fe or 7.4 ~ 11.1V Li-Po (sold separately)
ESC: Vortex R10 Sports
  • EVO – The Team Orion Vortex 10 EVO brushless motor is pre-installed and fitted to an easy gear mesh motor mount for easy maintenance. The Vortex 10 EVO delivers jaw dropping power and acceleration.
  • Syncro – The pre-installed stylish FHSS 2.4GHz radio system features dual rate functions and features a 4 channel receiver providing you with a wide range of upgrade options.
  • R10 – Equipped with the Team Orion Vortex R10 EVO ESC, that delivers smooth power band and more punch compared to its predecessor. A standard cooling fan gives the system maximum performance each and every time.
  • Composite Big Bore Shocks - Equipped with large capacity oil shocks as standard. Soaks up bumps with ease and lands smoothly from large bumps. Features threaded shock bodies for chassis height adjustment. Optional Aluminum shocks and springs are available for upgrades.
  • Chassis Setup - The D Series design uses multi-point chassis adjustments such as chassis height, camber, track width, front and rear toe-in etc. just like a real car. This allows you to customize the setup of your car for different driving conditions such as drifting or road coarse.
  • Shaft Drive - The drive shafts run through the center for chassis to give you better CG and optimum weight balance. There are also CVD universal drive shafts available as upgrades for even more deficiency and performance.
  • Fully Digital Servo - Equipped with a performance Kyosho digital servo for great steering response and durability.
  • Wide Track Width - Long span suspension arms create a wide track width on the double wishbone 4-wheel independent suspension system for superior running stability.
  • Fully Interchangeable - Front / rear and left / right suspension arms, front / rear knuckles and front / rear shock stays are all interchangeable. Newly designed suspension with maintenance-friendly pillow ball connect system.
  • Compatible with DBX/DST - The DBX VE has 60% parts compatibility to its nitro version, so parts availability is not an issue.
  • New Steering Layout - The DRX VE has a whole new steering layout which gives you greater response and much more steering angle than the DBX GP version .
  • Aluminum Motor Mount - Equipped with an aluminum motor mount to secure the 540 Size Orion BL motor.
  • Steel Pinion Gear - The DRX VE is equipped with a strong steel pinion gear for added security and durability.

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