Midwest Aileron 5/16x1-1/4x36" (10) MID6842
MID6842 Midwest Aileron Stock 5/16 x 1-1/4 x 3610

Midwest Aileron 5/16x1-1/4x36" (10) MID6842

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Midwest Aileron Stock is used for forming ailerons on scratch-built airplanes. Balsa is the premier wood for all types of modeling projects. Balsa cuts easily with a hobby knife, and may be stained or painted to represent any wood type. Midwest's Balsa is carefully dried in special kilns, reducing the water content to leave a light wood with a high strength to weight ratio.

Micro-Cut Quality Wood assures you of the following:

Absolutely the most accurate thickness tolerances of ±.002"
Five step inspection process to insure consistent quality
Highest quality raw materials
Cut to desired length

Hobby Knife or Saw (for cutting)

Thickness: 5/16

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