Midwest Indian Girl Canoe MID981
MID981 Midwest Indian Girl Canoe

Midwest Indian Girl Canoe MID981

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Midwest Micro-Cut Quality basswood, cherry and mahogany parts. Cleanly pre-cut parts, including forms, strongback, stems, decks and Ribs. Flexible basswood planking strips. Fabric seats and brass stem band. Full-sized rolled plan. Illustrated Success Series step-by-step construction manual that assures success.

One strongback
Five cherry seats, inwales, gunwales
Fifty planks
Two cherry thwarts
One brass stem band
One seat fabric
One rolled plan sheet
One 16-Page constructon manual


Instant (thin CA) and slow setting (thick CA-)CA accelerator
Water-based white glue (Optional adhesive instead of Cyanoacrylates)
#910 Midwest Apprentice Boats Paint Kit
Sanding blocks and sandpaper
18" steel straight edge
Small square
Straight pins
Razor saw

Length: 16" (406mm)
Beam: 2 3/4" 70mm)
Height: 2" (51mm)
Scale: 1"=1' (1:12)

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