Midwest John Alden Sloop MID997
MID997 Midwest John Alden Sloop

Midwest John Alden Sloop MID997

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Strips are added to create the hull shape. The hull is then removed from the strongback and the interior details are added.

  • Strongback construction to help ease planking installation
  • Foredeck features a club-footed jib that is self-tending
  • Machined brass mail-sail winches and turnbuckles
  • Finely shaped stern and basswood strip planking
One John Alden Sloop kit
One instruction book
One hull plan sheet
One sail plan sheet
One hardware bag
One spool of rigging cord
One roll of brass wire, for turnbuckle & rigging holders

Hobby knife
Tack rag
Small Square
Small files
Pin vise
Razor plane
Razor saw
Thin CA glue
Medium CA glue
Aliphatic wood glue
Straight edge measuring stick
    Length: 14-5/16" (364mm)
    Height: 24 1/2" (622mm)
    Beam: 4-11/16" (246mm)
    Scale: 3/4"=1' (1:16)

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