Multiplex Solius RR Hi Performance Glider w/T-Tail MPUM264264

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This is the Multiplex Solius RR High Performance Glider with a T-Tail, Cockpit and Clear Canopy included.

  • Clear moulded canopy with detailed cockpit interior
  • Innovative tubular spar technology allows the wings to wit'stand tremendous stress
  • High-performance brushless power system with folding propeller
  • Detachable tailplane for ease of transport
  • “M-SPACE technology” for an extremely strong fuselage
With its pleasant handling and excellent perfor-mance the Multiplex Solius will provide tremendous flying pleasure to anyone from the pro-standard pilot to the weekend flyer. Whether you're looking for lively aerobatics or long gliding flights- the Multiplex Solius always gives a good account of itself.

The outstanding features of this ELAPOR modelre its many new, innovative and sophisticated details, which set entirely new standards for this class of model.

ELAPOR-Model 100% factory-assembled, inclusive PERMAX BL-O 3516-0850 motor, speed controller MULTIcont BL 40 S-BEC, assembled propeller 12x6", 4 Servos Nano-S, applied decal and comprehensive instruction.
Wingspan: 2160 mm
Overall length: 1100 mm
All-up weight, glider version: from 1250 g
All-up weight, electric version: from 1450 g
Channels required: 4
RC Functions: Rudder and elevator, throttle, motor
Construction period: Appr. 15 min
Time of flight: ca. 35 min without Thermik

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