NSI Electric Rock Tumbler NSI635
NSI635 NSI Electric Rock Tumbler

NSI Electric Rock Tumbler NSI635

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The Rolling Stones Rock Tumbler has Many Original and Unique Features which will make it Easy and Pleasurable for you to Start the Fascinating Hobby of Rock Tumbling and Jewelry Making. Recommended for ages 10 and over.
Each cycle will use a different type of grit (Coarse Grit, Medium
Grit, Fine Grit, and Polish) Each individual package is marked
Red plastic barrel is turned by a rubber drive shaft
Barrel will turn 50-80 revolutions per minute
Machine tumbles rough semi-precious rocks into finished gemstones
Semi-precious stones (Agate, Jasper, Amethyst and others) plus jewelry parts.
Includes: One Complete Set (Electric Rock Tumbler)

Rating: 110-120V AC only

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