Novak Glitch Buster Capacitor NVK5626
NVK5626 Novak Glitch Buster Capacitor

Novak Glitch Buster Capacitor NVK5626

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The same technology that professional racers around the world have been using to fight glitching problems is now available for everyone. The Glitch Buster works by storing power from the BEC, and acting as a filter to eliminate any noises generated by servos that can wreak havoc on your radio system. Another benefit of using Novak's Glitch Buster is that it reduces the load on the ESC's BEC, and improves response time, which makes the servo faster! The high-capacity, super low-resistance capacitor comes pre-wired and ready to install into any standard receiver. Simply plug it directly into any open channel or battery slot on the receiver, and experience a glitch-free ride.

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