Novak Power Connector Male/Female NVK5750
NVK5750 Novak Power Connector Male/Female

Novak Power Connector Male/Female NVK5750

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This is the Novak Male/Female Power Connector. Novak’s new Power Connector is the perfect connector for heavy-duty applications. Made from high-quality copper, which is gold-plated for the best performance, this plug set is designed for maximum contact between the connector surfaces. More connection area means more power!

  • Designed for high-current, low-resistance operation
  • High-quality materials for unmatched performance
  • Developed for consistent and easy installation
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Compact and lightweight design

The Novak Male/Female Power Connector features a split-input power plug and heavy-duty receptacles. This allows for a clean and tight plug connection for superior power with little to no losses due to resistance and heating. Simply put, the Novak Power Connector will work better and last longer!

The plastic housing not only securely holds the connector; it also does a remarkable job to shield the plugs from dust and dirt—ensuring a longer life. The housing features a polarized shape that completely prevents reverse connection, which adds safety and protection to your valuable electronics. Installation is a breeze with side-cut, tube-style soldering surfaces. This allows for easier power wire insertion and soldering to the plug. Four pieces of heat shrink tubing are also included for clean installations.

Using a standardized, 3.5mm bullet-style connector, this plug set can be used to make adaptors, and motor or battery pigtails for easier installations and component swaps. The Novak Male/Female Power Connector is compatible with 12 and 14-gauge power wire, and is recommended for all 1/10th and 1/8th scale applications.

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