Novak Tuning Rotor 12.5mm NVK5955
NVK5955 Novak Tuning Rotor 12.5mm

Novak Tuning Rotor 12.5mm NVK5955

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This is the Novak 12.5"m Tuning Rotor.

  • High-strength sintered, Neodymium magnet for maximum motor acceleration, braking power and performance
  • Recommended for all racing and non-racing applications
  • Maximum allowed diameter to meet ROAR and IFMAR specifications
  • Developed and manufactured to Novak's strict standards
  • Larger 12.5"m diameter rotor for higher torque and braking characteristics
  • Nickel-plated for stronger surface and resistance to corrosion
  • Compatible with all Novak 540-size brushless motors: Ballistic Racing, Ballistic Spec, Ballistic High-RPM Spec, Premium Ballistic, and Club motors. Also compatible with the Velociti Racing and SS Pro series motors that have an oversized bearing.
  • Magnetized and 100% tested at the Novak factory in Irvine, California

Novak Electronics’ never-ending search to bring you the absolute highest quality material and components has brought racers the next step in motor tuning: Novak's all new 12.5"m High-Torque Neodymium Tuning Rotor. The 12.5"m rotor uses the same high-strength Neodymium material as the original Novak rotor, only with a larger diameter.

Novak’s 12.5"m rotor is recommended for all applications, and meets the maximum dimensions for spec-class racing. The 12.5"m rotor increases the torque, and improves the natural push brake and drag braking strength of the Ballistic, Club, and Velociti/SS Pro brushless motors.

Rotor in a protective tube
Installation instructions
Diameter: 12.5 mm
Output Shaft: 1/8 inch (accepts all existing pinion gears)

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