O.S. Engines 1.60 FX Ringed w-o Muffler OSM19268
OSM19268 O.S. 1.60 FX Ringed w/o Muffler

O.S. Engines 1.60 FX Ringed w-o Muffler OSM19268

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O.S. Max 1.60 FX high-performance R/C engine has a one-piece crankcase. Twin ball bearing-supported crankshaft. Schnuerle porting (Schnuerle scavenging). Steel construction liner and ring with an aluminum piston. Tall, squared heat sink head for added cooling. Engineered for low fuel consumption and tight installations. Side exhaust. Extra long crankshaft & jam nut w/prop washer to secure the propeller. #60F Carburetor with remote needle mounted on the backplate of the engine (to keep fingers away from the spinning propeller). The remote needle valve can be mounted three ways: vertical, horizontal, and separate from the engine. Two year warranty. This product includes one assembled 1.60 FX ringed R/C airplane engine, #60F Carb., smaller nut for APC props, and 3/8-24 safety lock nut. One remote needle valve. One 77mm (3.03") clear fuel tubing for remote needle. One illustrated instruction booklet w/parts list and O.S. decal. One O.S. #8 glow plug.


Fuel with 18% (minimum) lubricant content and 5% to 25% Nitromethane
(Can be flown on FAI fuel, which is 0% Nitro)
Muffler adaptor and mounting screws
Muffler or Tuned Pipe

Displacement: 26.23cc (1.60 cu in)
RPM range: 1,800 - 10,000
Bore: 33.6mm (1.32")
Stroke: 29.6mm (1.17")
Weight: 925g (32.6oz) without muffler
Horsepower: 3.7 BHP at 9,000 RPM
Length: 115.5mm (distance from the backplate screw to drive washer)
Length: 30mm (distance between centers of the mounting holes)
Width: 51.5mm (width of engine neglecting engine mounting flanges)
Width: 62mm (distance between centers of the mounting holes)
Exhaust mounting screws width (center to center): 42mm (1.65")
Height: 123.2mm
Crankshaft Thread Size: 3/8-24
Crankshaft Length (drive washer front to crankshaft front): 42mm
Crankshaft Threaded Area: 28mm
Suggested Props: Aerobatic: 15x12-14, 16x10-14, 16.5x10-13
Sport: 17x10-13, 18x10-12

Needle Settings
High Speed: 2 - 2.5 turns out from fully closed
Low Speed: .75 turns out from fully closed with the throttle fully closed

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