O.S. Engines .46LA Non-Ring 40D Carb E3020 Muffler OSM13393
OSM13393 O.S. .46 LA w/Muffler Natural

O.S. Engines .46LA Non-Ring 40D Carb E3020 Muffler OSM13393

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OS .46LA engine has a 1-piece crankcase. Crankshaft is set in one long bronze Oilite bushing (no bearings). Schnuerle porting (AKA Schnuerle scavenging). Side exhaust. Nylon backplate with remote needle valve. 40D carburetor. Aluminum piston with nickel-plated brass cylinder liner. This product includes one expansion-style muffler #E-3030. One instruction manual and sticker sheet. One assembled engine with glow plug. Two 3x30mm phillips head screws to bolt muffler to engine.


Fuel with 5% - 15% Nitromethane and 18% (minimum) oil content. (Most of the 5%-15% fuels we carry meet these requirements).

Construction: Aluminum 1-piece crankcase, piston, cylinder head
Bore: 23.0mm (0.906")
Stroke: 18.4mm (.724")
Horsepower: 1.2 PS, 1.18 HP at 15,000 RPM
Distance from remote needle to end of crankshaft: 4.5" (114mm)
Distance from center of engine to drive hub: 2.0"  (51.2mm)
Distance from center of engine to end of crankshaft: 3.0"  (76.3mm)
Height from crankcase bottom to top of cylinder head: 3.3"  (84.7mm)
Height/crankshaft center to top of cylinder head: 2.7"  (69mm)
Width including mounting ears: 1.9"  (48mm)
Width not including mounting ears: 1.2"  (32mm)
Width between mounting holes same side: 0.69" (17.5mm)
Width between mounting holes opposite side: 1.6"  (40.5mm)
Width between muffler mounting holes: 1.4"  (36mm)
Width of exhaust opening: 1.1"  (29mm)
Height of exhaust opening: 0.3"   (7mm)
Diameter of muffler body: 1.3"  (33.5mm)
Angle of muffler in relation to engine: 4?
Weight: 272g (9.6oz without muffler)
Crankshaft Thread Size: 1/4-28
Recommended Props: Break In: 11x6
Trainer and Sport Models: 11x6, 11x7
Scale Models: 12x5, 12x6
Practical RPM Range: 2,000 - 16,000 RPM (This engine will not turn this many RPM on the ground) RPM curve is when the engine unloads.

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