O.S. Engines .50SX-H Hyper Ring 60LH Carb OSM15550
OSM15550 O.S. .50 SX-H Ringed Hyper

O.S. Engines .50SX-H Hyper Ring 60LH Carb OSM15550

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O.S. Max .50 SX-H Ring Hyper Helicopter engine is ideal for use in any 50 class helicopter. New head design offers improved combustion efficiency for stable hovering and aerobatic flight. Large 0.39" (10mm) diameter carburetor intake for greater running stability. Two year limited warranty. Same mounting dimensions as the O.S. Max .46FX-H. This product includes one O.S. Max .50 SX-H Helicopter Engine with Hyper Cooling Head, 60LH carburetor, decal sheet, #8 glow plug, instruction manual.


10% to 30% nitro Fuel with at least 18% lubricant (Helicopter Mix)
Starting equipment

Output: 1.9 PS, 1.87 HP/17,000 RPM
Practical RPM Range:
2,000-20,000 RPM
0.499 cid (8.0cc)
0.866in. (21.99mm)
0.847in. (21.51mm)
14.33oz (405.4g)
Distance/top of cylinder head-bottom of mounting ears:
2.9"  (74mm)
Distance between mounting holes same side:
0.68" (17.5mm)
Distance between mounting holes opposite side:
1.73" (44mm)
Distance between muffler mounting holes:
1.4"  (37mm)
Length of cylinder head:
2.1" (54mm)
Width of cylinder head:
1.8" (47mm)
Distance/bottom of crankcase to top of cylinder head:
3.6" (92.3mm)
Distance from center of engine to front bearing:
2.0" (51.6mm)
Distance from center of engine to backplate bolt:
1" (25mm)
Distance from center of engine to throttle lever:
1.5" (38mm)

Needle Settings

High Speed:
1.5 turns out from fully closed
Mixture Control (low speed):
indentation on screw

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