O.S. Engines Crankcase .18 CV-R OSM21811000
OSM21811000 O.S. Crankcase 18CV-R

O.S. Engines Crankcase .18 CV-R OSM21811000

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O.S Engine crankcase is constructed of cast and machined natural aluminum.

Requires: All other components of the engine
Height: 2" (51.3mm)
1.8" (47.8mm)
Exhaust port length:
0.8" (22.2mm)
Exhaust port height:
0.2" (4.6mm)
Diameter of mounting flange holes:
0.1" (3.2mm)
Diameter of muffler mount holes:
0.1" (3.2mm)
Diameter of carb orifice:
0.4" (11mm)
Diameter of carb retaining screw hole:
0.1" (3.9mm)
Width between mounting holes same side:
0.4" (11mm)
Width between mounting holes opposite side:
1.2" (31.4mm)
Width of crankcase including mounting flanges:
1.6" (40mm)
Width of crankcase neglecting mounting flanges:
0.9" (25mm)

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