O.S. Engines Cylinder & Pisotn .15 CV-A OSM21503010
OSM21503010 O.S. Cylinder & Piston 15CV-A

O.S. Engines Cylinder & Pisotn .15 CV-A OSM21503010

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O.S Engine cylinder sleeve and piston. The piston moves up and down inside the cylinder making a compression chamber. Piston is made of aluminum. Cylinder Sleeve is made of brass with Nickel plating.

Requires: Installation into the 15 CV-A engine.
Piston Height: 13.7mm (.542")
Piston Diameter:
15.2mm (.598")
Piston Pin Hole Diameter:
3.8mm (.150")
Cylinder Sleeve Height:
26.0mm (1.026")
Cylinder Sleeve Outer Diameter:
18.9mm (.747")
Cylinder Sleeve Outer Flange Diameter:
20.9mm (.825")
Cylinder Sleeve Inner Diameter:
15.3mm (.603")

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