O.S. Engines .21XZ-B Speed Spec II Competition Engine OSM12175

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This is the O.S. Engines .21XZ-B Speed Spec II Competition Engine.

  • Lower fuel consumption offering 8% longer run times than the former model, 21VZ-B V-Spec Speed
  • Tough, DLC-coated crankshaft features a silicone-filled intake passage for improved fuel flow
  • A lowered center of gravity provides steadier vehicle handling
  • A black anodized crankcase with ceramic ball bearings helps reduce resistance and increase performance
  • Unparalleled, speed-tuned power characteristics
  • Race-proven 3-port sleeve with special Speed version inner head and porting for smoother acceleration
  • New 21J2(B) three-needle carburetor includes 6 mm, 6.5 mm and 7 mm restrictors for fine-tuned control
  • Long stroke allows for superior torque
  • Carburetor includes 6 mm, 6.5 mm and 7 mm carb restrictors so you can gain a competitive edge!
  • A P3 glow plug provides quick, easy starts in all weather conditions

Numerous champions, including Atsushi Hara and Mark Pavidis, have trusted O.S. Speed Engines to give them the competitive edge. Now O.S. is proud to continue that winning tradition with the all new 21XZ-B Speed Engine!

 Its specially designed black-anodized cylinder head reduces weight and improves cooling, while the upgraded DLC-coated crankshaft improves fuel flow. It all adds up to yet another exceptional Speed tuned engine from O.S.
Displacement: 0.21 cu in (3.5 cc)
Bore: 0.6 in (16.3 mm)
Stroke: 0.7 in (16.8 mm)
Practical rpm: 4,000-40,000
Output: 2.56 hp @ 34,000 rpm
Weight: 12.5 oz (355 g)
Includes: 21J2(B) carburetor, P3 glow plug, 6.5 mm carb restrictor, exhaust seal and dust cap set
Requires: Glow fuel, muffler, tuned pipe and manifold

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