O.S. Engines Flywheel #2K .21VZ-M OSM71802200
OSM71802200 O.S. Flywheel #2K 21VZ-M

O.S. Engines Flywheel #2K .21VZ-M OSM71802200

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O.S. Engine flywheels is constructed of blue aluminum. This package includes;

One blue aluminum flywheel
One black steel collet
One black steel tightening rod

Requires: Installing on engine"
Length: 0.87" (22mm)
Diameter: 1.3" (34mm) OD at rear
Diameter: 1.02" (26mm) OD at front

Length: 0.47" (12mm)
Diameter0.51" (13mm) OD at rear
Diameter: 0.39" (10mm) OD at front

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