O.S. Engines M1001 Manifold OSM72106420
OSM72106420 O.S. M1001 Manifold

O.S. Engines M1001 Manifold OSM72106420

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O.S Engine 90ยบ exhaust manifold for rear exhaust round port engines. Manifold is constructed of natural aluminum.
Requires: Joint (header adapter)Exhaust Seal Ring (exhaust gasket)
Length: 1.9" (47.5mm) mounting surface to rear-most portion of pipe
Width: 1.1" (27.5mm)
Diameter: 0.61" (15.5mm) OD (approx)
Diameter: 0.49" (12.5mm) ID (approx)
Diameter: 0.86" (21.9mm) OD mounting flange
Diameter: 0.63" (16.0mm) ID mounting flange

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