O.S. Engines Super Silencer #E-3030S OSM23325030
OSM23325030 O.S. Super Silencer #E-3030S

O.S. Engines Super Silencer #E-3030S OSM23325030

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O.S. optional muffler for the Max 35-.40 FP, .40 LA, .32 F, .32 SX Engines has rotatable exhaust outlet and pressure fitting for the most convenient positions. Has three expansion chambers separated by cone baffles. Quieter, more pleasant flying. This product includes one E-3030S muffler. One muffler assembly screw and nut.Two 3 x 30mm mounting screws. Two 3 x 27mm mounting screws.

Center To Center Of Mounting Screws: 35.5mm (1-13/32")

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