Ofna Clutch Bell w/Bearings 14T OFN19354
OFN19354 Ofna 14T Clutch Bell W/Bearings

Ofna Clutch Bell w/Bearings 14T OFN19354

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Ofna optional replacement 14 tooth clutch bell for the Hyper 8 buggy. The smaller the clutch bell, the more bottom end acceleration the buggy will have, but the less top end speed. For very small tracks use the 13 tooth bell. For larger tracks consider using the 14 tooth bell.
  • Ofna Dirt Oval
  • Ofna Hyper ST
  • Ofna Hyper Star Pro Nitro
  • Ofna Hyper 9
  • Ofna Hyper SS Truggy
  • Ofna Hyper SS

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