Ofna 1-8 Ultra GTP Chassis ARR OFN34316

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Ofna Ultra GTP Dirt Oval Chassis has a single speed/no center differential. No body, radio, or engine. Includes pipe system, air filter and 3-sahoe clutch. Street tread tires and spoke wheels. Striped down and specially priced for the dirt pval driver's needs. An extremely rigid chassis allows the suspension do the job it was designed to do. Powerful Force .28 pullstart engine. HP: 2.7. RPM: 38,000. The Ultra GTP line of cars come complete with everything you need to get going right away. The racing wheels and slicks keep the traction of the car right where it should be... Low and stuck! An emphasis has been placed on balance with everything being accessible and easily removed for adjusting or cleaning.


Radio: 2-Channel with 2 Servos
Radio Batteries: Twelve AA for radio
Engine: .21 cu in (3.5cc) rear exhaust
Glow Starter: 1.2 volt
Misc. Items: Fuel bottle, building and track equipment
Fuel: 2-cycle glow fuel with 20% nitromethane,"
20" (508mm)
12.5" (317.5mm)
4.5" (114.3mm)
13" (330.2mm) (wheels on-center front-to-rear)
Four 3.03" (77mm) inner diameter, 3.85" (98mm) outer diameter
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