Ofna Bearing 8X16mm Knuckle OFN36053
OFN36053 Ofna Bearing 8X16mm Knuckle

Ofna Bearing 8X16mm Knuckle OFN36053

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Ofna replacement front bearing are constructed of metal and silver in color. Shielded type bearing.

INCLUDES: Two Front Knuckle Bearings

SPECS: Inner Diameter: 8mm
Outer Diameter: 16mm

  • Ofna Mutilator
  • Ofna DM-1 Spec
  • Ofna LX2 RTR
  • Ofna Nexx 8
  • Ofna Ultra LX2E
  • Ofna X3e Sabre
  • Ofna Jammin X2
  • Ofna Ultra GTP
  • Ofna Ultra LX One
  • Ofna DM-1 Sedan
  • Ofna Ultra GTP2
  • Ofna Ultra LX-1E
  • Ofna NEXX8T Truggy
  • Ofna Dirt Oval Electric
  • Ofna Dirt Oval Nitro
  • Ofna DM-1 Spec Electric

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