Ofna Bevel Gear Hyper OFN19002
OFN19002 Ofna Bevel Gear Hyper 7 RTR Pro

Ofna Bevel Gear Hyper OFN19002

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Features: Steel gears, shafts and washers

INCLUDES: Two 20 tooth bevel gears, 4 10 tooth bevel gears, two shafts, four washers

REQUIRES: Installation on the drive train of an OFNA Hyper 7

SPECS: Diameter: 13/16" on large gears, 1/4" on small gears, 4mm shafts Length: 1 1/16" shafts

COMMENTS: This is a replacement set of bevel gears for the OFNA Hyper 7

  • Ofna Hyper 7
  • Ofna Dirt Oval
  • Ofna Hyper ST
  • Ofna Hyper SS Truggy
  • Ofna Hyper SS

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