Ofna Clutch Bell Base w/ Bearings OFN18904
OFN18904 Ofna Clutch Bell Base W/Bearings

Ofna Clutch Bell Base w/ Bearings OFN18904

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This is the Clutch Bell w/Ball Bearings for use the the Two-Speed Tranny for the Ofna Monster Pirate Series.

INCLUDES: One Clutch Bell One Clutch Nut Two 5x10mm Sealed Ball Bearings One 3x6mm Hex Head Screw Four 5x8mm Steel Shims (.25mm Thickness) One 3x6mm bronze washer

REQUIRES: The Ofna Two-Speed Tranny for the the Monster Pirate

SPECS: Clutch Bell Outer diameter: 29mm (1.14") Clutch Bell Inner diameter: 26.6mm (1.05") Thickness: 13mm (.51")

  • Ofna Dominator

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