Ofna Jammin X-2 CR Pro Buggy OFN34958

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This is the 1/8 scale Ofna Jammin X-2 CR Pro Buggy, the fastest Buggy at the 2008 IFMAR Pre-World Championship Race.

OFNA Jammin X2-Pro Buggy kit with tires, wheels, aluminum shocks, clear body, wing, decals and illustrated instruction manual

Radio: 2-Channel with 2 servos (high torque servo for steering)
Receiver Battery: 5-cell hump pack
Radio Batteries: (8) AA size
Engine: .21 w/rear exhaust and pilot shaft (if using a rear exhaust with full threaded shaft a pilot shaft must be purchased - OFNC1009)
Tuned Pipe and Manifold for Rear Exhaust
Glow Starter: 1.2 volt
Misc. Items: Fuel bottle, building and track equipment
  • Carbon fiber radio tray, front plate and center diff mounting plate
  • Single speed transmission
  • Four oil filled 16mm big bore shocks with 3.5mm shafts, aluminum shock standoffs
  • 44 tooth, steel construction main gear
  • Sealed front and rear gearboxes
  • Front, rear and center universal drive shafts
  • Front and rear 3mm fiberglass disc brakes
  • Lightweight blue anodized aluminum clutch shoes (3 shoe)
  • LPR Wheels 3.98" (101mm) diameter, 2.30" (58.3mm) wide, white in color, 17mm hex
  • Yellow foam inserts, medium firmness
  • Adjustable camber
  • Plastic white wing
  • CNC machined hard coated 7075 aluminum .12" (3mm) thick chassis, smooth bottom, machined on top so engine, fuel tank and differentials can sit lower into chassis
  • CNC machined hard anodized aluminum front and rear chassis stiffeners
  • Four wheel shaft drive with 7075 aluminum center driveshafts and Lunsford titanium turnbuckles, steel alloy universals
  • Full set of ball bearings, rubber sealed
  • 5.1oz (150cc) approx fuel tank
  • Carbon fiber shock towers
  • 13 tooth, steel clutch bell with twin 5x10mm bearings
  • T-bolt kingpin type suspension with captured hinge pin design with locknuts-no E-clips needed
  • Bevel gear type differentials with 5000 and 10000 weight oils
  • High flow 2-stage Air Filter
  • Adjustable hard anodized aluminum engine mounts with cooling fins
  • Pro-Line Revolver Tires, M2 hardness compound, outer diameter 4.5" (114.3mm), inner diameter: 3.2" (81.28mm), and 1.9" (48.26mm) wide
  • Adjustable caster/toe-in
  • Clear buggy style body, untrimmed
  • Ofna Jammin X2

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