Ofna Pivot Ball Conversion SCRT OFN40929
OFN40929 Ofna Pivot Ball Conversion: SCRT

Ofna Pivot Ball Conversion SCRT OFN40929

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Does your Jammin SCRT10 ned to be more in tune with the track, aggressive yet smooth under control. Then take the next step with the SCRT pivot ball suspension conversion. Another tunning advantage to further increase the permormance on your SCRT. The P.B.S will give you multiple set ups, adjusting track width, setting caster, camber, toe and kick up. Pluse the added strngth of drability your SCRT can drive and jump as if it was an 1/8th scale buggy. Quick caster and camber adjustments. Stronger and more durable. Adjustable front track width.Chrome pillow balls react smoothly and respond well into the bumpy sections of the track and turns tight and solid into hairpin turns. And with highspeed sweeper corners teh suspension will give you a controlled ride with minimal counter steer. So dial in now and change over to PBS today.
  • Ofna Jammin SCRT-10

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