Ofna DM-1 Spec RTR Gray Body .28 PS OFN34304

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The Ofna DM-1Spec was designed to have just one thing on its mind...racing! More specifically, it is designed for ROAR Race GTS class. Tightly based on the original 1/7th DM-1 Sedan the 1/8th DM-1Spec offers a number of changes, including a shorter wheelbase, that all help to give you an advantage over the competition. The addition of a clutch type 2-speed center diff provides blistering speeds for making short work of long straights.

The DM-1Spec is the first product to offer the New ProLine PF8-GT race body standard in the #34303 kit. When you get your hands on a DM-1 Spec you will know exactly why this car begs to be raced!

Ofna DM-One Spec RTR Touring Car with four oil-filled shocks,
2 speed clutch bell, 2 speed spur gear, body, wing, wheels, tires, sealed bearings, 4.2oz (125cc) fuel tank, 80wt shock oil, 10,000wt and 50,000wt diff oil, engine, radio system and instructions.

Radio Batteries: (12) AA size
Starter Box Glow Starter: 1.2 volt
Paint: Polycarbonate for body
Misc. Items: Fuel bottle, building and track equipment
Length: 21.5" (546mm)
Width: 13.19" (335mm)
Height: 7.1"  (181mm)
Weight: 8.3lbs (3765g)
Wheelbase: 13" (330mm)
Front Tread: 10.5" (267mm)
Rear Tread: 10.3" (263mm) center of tires side to side
Front Track: 12.1" (307mm)
Rear Track: 11.9" (303mm) outer edges if wheels side to side
Ground Clearance: 0.39" (10mm)

Length: 22" (559mm)
Width: 12.2" (310mm)
Height: 6.25" (159mm)
  • Four oil-filled shocks
  • 2 speed clutch bell
  • 2 speed spur gear
  • Sealed bearings
  • 4.2oz (125cc) fuel tank
  • New, shorter wheelbase
  • Ofna DM-1 Spec

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