Ofna X3e Sabre Electric/Nitro Buggy OFN34931

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This is the Ofna X3e Sabre Electric/Nitro Buggy Kit.

This unique kit from Ofna comes unassembled and includes two aluminum CNC chassis plates, two unpainted bodies, and all the parts necessary to build the buggy for ether nitro or electric running.

The Ofna X3 Sabre 2-n-1 1/8 scale off-road nitro/electric pro buggy kit is an all new ground up design, packed with tons of amazing features all in one buggy putting the X3 Sabre ahead of the field. The Ofna X3 is fast, durable, and exhibits predictable handling characteristics that make this buggy great for intermediate and advanced racers.

One Ofna X3 Sabre Pro Off-Road Buggy Kit with Tires, Foam Inserts, Wheels, Header, Tuned Pipe, Clear Body, Wing, Fuel Tank, Shocks with extra set of Springs, Air Filter, Decals, Instruction Manual, Chassis for electric Motors, Motor Mount, Battery Box, Hook and Loop Battery Straps

Engine: .21 cu in (3.4cc) rear exhaust, non pull-start
Radio: Two-channel with high torque servo
Receiver Battery: 5-cell 6V flat pack
Four to eight AA Batteries, depending on transmitter
Starter box, glow starter, glow fuel and building and track equipment
20.28" (515mm)
Front Width: 12.1" (307mm)
Rear Width: 11.9" (303mm)
Height: 7.4" (188mm)
Wheelbase: 12.6" (325mm)
Weight: 7.27lbs (2721g)

14.5" (369mm)
Width: 7.5" (190mm)
Height: 3.8" (97mm)
  • CNC Lightened Double-Kicker Nitro Chassis Plate
  • CNC Lightened Double-Kicker Electric Chassis Plate
  • CNC Shock Towers w/HD Nylok Shock Mounts
  • CVD Drives Front, Center and Rear
  • CNC Chassis Braces
  • CNC Hinge Pin Holders w/Adjustable Inserts
  • CNC 16mm Shocks w/New Low Profile Shock Caps
  • E-Z Uni-Shaft Dual Brake System
  • Fiberglass Brake Disks
  • Oversized Fuel Tank w/Adjustable Inserts
  • E-Z Hang Fuel Line Claps
  • Adjustable Ackerman
  • NitroHouse is the best
  • ForcePlus HD Nitro Body (clear)
  • ForcePlus HD Electric Body (clear)
  • Hi-Downforce Wing
  • One-Piece Racing Pipe and Manifold
  • Ofna X3e Sabre

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