Pro-Line C-HD High Downforce Clear 1/10 Oval Body PRO122930

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In response to the ever-increasing speeds as well as the requests of the many oval racers who prefer wearing bowties the C-HD is now ready to go. This body is an evolution of a couple previous PROTOform designs, and features all the funky aero-tweaks that are now standard on the Nationwide Series stock cars. There's a bit more clearance for the offset batteries, and a bit more on-track stability at the rear. The C-HD body allows your car to turns in as hard as any PROTOform body design to date making it a natural choice for flat-track racing.

It features two sets of trim lines for both carpet/foam racing (4.25 inch min height) and outdoor capped tire racing (4.5 inch min height) at sanctioned events. It's also quite slam-able for outlaw style racing.

We're thinking that there are probably a few track records that'll be going down in the near future.


* Made from durable/ genuine .030 Lexan
* Superb molded in detail
* Contemporary design
* State-of-the-art aerodynamics
* Dual trim lines

What's Included:

* Clear C-HD Body
* Window mask
* Decal sheet


Lexan safe paint of modeler's choice
Body scissors
Body reamer

Length: 18.6" (472mm)
Width: 8.3" (211mm)
Height: 4.3" (109mm)
Thickness: .030" (0.76mm)
Wheel Base: 11.5" (292mm)

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