Parma Slash Mini Rattler Clear 1/16 Short Course Truck Body PAR10230

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Parma RATTLER is designed with the maximum suspension travel and clearance for all terrain driving. Our .030" clear body includes a decal sheet, window paint masks and EASY-PEEL clear body mask film.

Parma 1/16 scale Rattler Body. This is the shell that covers and protects the chassis. Constructed of .030" (0.76") thick clear Lexan. Clear protective film.

This package includes:

One Rattler Body
Window Masks
One Rattler Decal Sheet


Body Reamer
Body Scissors
Lexan safe paint, color of modeler's choice

Length: 340mm (13.4")
Width: 185mm (7.3")
Height: 80mm (3.15")
Thickness: .030" (0.76mm)

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