Pine-Pro One-Piece Axles PineCar 2 PPR10090
PPR10090 Pine-Pro One-Piece Axles Pinecar 2

Pine-Pro One-Piece Axles PineCar 2 PPR10090

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Pine-Pro axles are used for Pinewood Derby cars. Will not work with Pine-Pro wheels. Intended for use with solid axle styles such as Pinecar.



Length: 2-1/2" (64mm)

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5 Stars Thought I'd Seen It All

Thomas from PA wrote (February 14, 2014):

Typically with any pinewood car you have four axles that will need worked and made true. When I saw this, I thought it can't be legal, but it is and thus far, only RC Planet has them. Huge time saver and great selection.