Pro-Line LTC-R Light Weight Clear 1/10 On-Road Car Body PRO150525

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This is the Pro-Line ProtoForm 190mm Lightweight Clear LTCR Body.

This Global Body Spec ready race body is designed specifically for rubber tire racing whether it's on a carpet or a paved surface racetrack. It was designed with slightly more steering ability than the all conquering PROTOform Mazda 6 and MazdaSpeed 6 body styles - yet less aggressive than the PROTOform R9-R body.

To further aid balance and rear grip the wing mounting location that's slightly more rearward. The LTC-R features two trim lines - one for IFMAR/EFRA/ROAR/JMCRA racing at the 115mm height as well as the BRCA's 120mm height rule. The oversize rear wing helps performance on a poor-grip surface that's commonly experienced in club racing but also incorporates trim lines for sanctioned style racing.

The LTC-R is available in 2 different weights of genuine lexan and comes with protective film, decals and wing mounting hardware.


One Pro-Line ProtoForm 190mm Lightweight Clear LTCR Body with Decals, a Window Masking sheet and a Wing


Polycarbonate paint for painting the inside of the body
Body Scissors (DTXR1150)
Body Reamer (DTXR1157)

The body pictured has been painted and completed. This body comes clear and requires painting.
  • Clear Lexan – requires painting
  • Fits 190mm touring car chassis
  • Self-adhesive flexible decals
  • Body has a clear protective overspray film on the outside that is to be removed after painting
Length: 15.9" (406mm)
Width: 7.5" (190mm)
Height: 4.4" (112mm)
Wheel Base: 10.2" (259mm)

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