Pro-Line TCC Clear 1/10 Oval Body 200mm PRO123030

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Pro-Line's one of the most requested bodies in recent years has been for a PROTOform version of NASCAR ºs Car of Tomorrow.

We're proud to release what we're calling the TCC or Today Cup Car. This body incorporates all the unique styling cues of the cars raced in the Sprint Cup Series. The comprehensive decal sheet allows you to detail the body to look like any one of the four brands represented in the Cup series. The add-on wing bolts solidly to the molded in struts and is multi-adjustable. The front splitter aids in downforce and handling ability. The width of the car allows it to be mounted on all the current oval chassis as well as the 200mm gas-sedan type chassis.

It comes with clear protective film, decals sheet, window masks and wing mounting hardware.
Now you can enjoy the thrill of having the same style car that you see racing on TV every Sunday afternoon º at your local oval track or parking lot!


* Made from durable/ genuine .030 Lexan®
* 204 mm wide across front w/openings 210 mm across rear w/openings
* Wing struts are intentionally long so wing is able to be adjusted for and aft by approx. 3/8ths of an inch to find ideal aero-balance. Also, wing struts are intentionally oversize to make them strong and durable º for the rigors of high speed oval racing.
* Wing kick up area has 4 different trim guidelines to allow for many downforce levels.
* Slightly oversize wing spill plates are asymmetric and slightly curved (like on real Cup cars) to aid side force tuning.
* As seen in these first photos, the roof height is 4 3/8th tall

What's Included:

* Clear Body
* Spoiler mounting hardware
* Decal Sheet
* Window Mask
* Paint-then-peel protective film


Polycarbonate paint for painting the inside of the body. The color choice is up to the modeler.
Body Scissors
Body Reamer

Length: 18.1" (460mm)
Width: F: 8.0" (204mm) R: 8.3" (210mm)
Height: 4.4" (111mm)
Wheel Base: 11.6" (295mm)

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