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Traxxas Ken Block Rally

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The Traxxas Rally was designed to give you the experience of hanging it out in the turns and powering down the straights with the perfect blend of speed, power, and traction. The specially tuned suspension and tire compounds on the Rally let you ride the slip angle with thrilling precision, putting your skills to the test as you master the art, right in your own driveway. The Traxxas Rally shreds the competition with class-leading speed and power. And on the Brightside, the Rally doesn't slow down for rain; the waterproof servo and o-ring-sealed receiver box let you keep on racing, even in wet weather that parks lesser R/C cars on the bench. The Traxxas Rally balances speed, control and performance perfectly and is great for drifting and racing on different surfaces. The Traxxas Rally doesn’t just look menacing, but it really is, considering the perfect combination of its technical features.