RPM Talonz 3-Spoke Rear Chrome XXT (2) RPM81563
RPM81563 RPM Talonz 3-Spoke Rear Chrome Xxt

RPM Talonz 3-Spoke Rear Chrome XXT (2) RPM81563

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PRM has found the perfect blend of design, material, and weight to bring you the most fantastic wheels available on the market. These wheels are as light as stock dish-style wheels, yet they are stronger, much more rigid, incomparably better looking, and guaranteed not to break! RPM's newest wheels are made from RPM's killer blend of nylons and are available either in a white and dyeable finish or in our high luster chrome finish. The tire bonding areas are prestripped of the chrome to ensure proper bonding of the tire to the wheel. We also strip the finish out of the bearing bores as well to assure precise bearing fits! The flow through design of our wheels means no more dirt build up on the inside (or outside) of the wheels which helps maintain tire balance and keeps unsprung weight to a minimum.

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