RPM Servo Mounting Posts RPM70062
RPM70062 RPM Servo Mounting Posts

RPM Servo Mounting Posts RPM70062

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RPM servo mountings are sold in pairs with mounting screws included. This product includes 2 servo mount posts. 1 team RPM decal.
2 4/40x1/2" flathead screws. 2 4/40x1/4" self-tapping pan-head screws

Height: 9/16"
Thickness: 1/4"
Width: 7/16
  • Associated B44.2
  • Associated RC10 B4.2
  • Associated RC10 Classic
  • Associated RC10 T4.2
  • Associated RC10GT2
  • Losi XXX-CR 2WD Buggy
  • Losi XXX-T Truck
  • Associated SC10 2WD

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