RPM Stampede Esc Mount RPM80365
RPM80365 RPM Stampede Esc Mount Blue

RPM Stampede Esc Mount RPM80365

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RPM's new ESC mount for the Stampede bolts directly over the old mechanical speed controller s servo pocket. It covers the old pocket to keep dirt out while giving you a nice, flat surface with ample room to mount any electronic speed controller of your choice. Furthermore, we mold these new ESC mounts in four bold colors, black, blue, yellow, to match or contrast any body or chassis color. These mounts are molded from RPM's toughest blend of nylons which are impervious to nearly all chemical compounds of cleaners and motor sprays, plus they are strong enough to keep your battery in place in the roughest of crashes! If you've upgraded to an ESC, then you need an RPM ESC Mount!

  • Traxxas Stampede 1/10

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