DuraTrax 75MHz Radio Frequency Checker DTXP3110
DTXP3110 DuraTrax 75MHz Radio Frequency Checker

DuraTrax 75MHz Radio Frequency Checker DTXP3110

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DuraTrax RF checker automatically scans all thirty R/C frequencies in the 75MHz band and identifies those frequencies in use. Each frequency is shown by a dedicated LED, LED showing channel in use stays lit and unit continues to scan 300' (91m) range without external antenna, 1000' (305m) with external antenna. Pevents accidents due to unwanted Rf interference from other modelers' radio equipment Fits easily in pocket or car bag. One year limited warranty.


3 AAA cells

Dimensions: 3.14" x 0.94" x 2.36" (80 x 24 x 60mm)
Weight: 2.05oz (58g)
Input Voltage: 4.5V DC
Operational Current: 20-90mA
Frequency Identifiers: 30 red LEDs
Frequency Scan Time: 9 seconds
Max Operational Temperature: 32?-104?F (0?-40?C)

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