Ram 3D Plane Lights (18) RAM179
RAM179 Ram 3D Plane Lights (18)

Ram 3D Plane Lights (18) RAM179

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Ram light set is designed to provide a bright, light weight, low battery drain system that results in easy orientation during low light, at evening or at night when flying conditions are ideal for light models. These lights open a whole new arena of fun for 3D flyers and adds greatly to the spectacle of your maneuvers. Simple attachement with low adhesion tapes. The system can easily be repositioned or moved to another model. This setup will consume less than 30 milliamps of battery power in a typical 10 minute flight. Three stands of LEDs: six red LEDs one one stand, six yellow LEDs one one stand and six green LEDS on the last stand. Comes with a 9V battety snap for easy power hook up or hook directly to your main battery.

Stand length: 25" (634mm)
Voltage required:

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