Ram Ultra Brite Lites w/Foldaway Roll Bar (2) RAM169
RAM169 Ram Ultra Brite Lites w/Foldaway Roll Bar (2)

Ram Ultra Brite Lites w/Foldaway Roll Bar (2) RAM169

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Ram headlights are designed to provide the brightest possible headlights while using a minimum of battery power. A 9V alkaline battery will power this unit for at least 4 hours. Metal rod can be bent and cut to the height needed. Rubber tubing covers the rod and allows it to be mounted to the truck body. It also allows the roll bar to fold over in a crash. Lights are installed in light weight aluminum housing with plastic lenses. The back of the housing has a threaded post used for mounting the lights to the rollbar with included brackets.

This package includes;
Two pre-wired light bulbs with 12" leads
One pre-wired 9V battery connector with 2" lead
One 9" long 1/8" diameter rod used for the roll bar
One 9" long 1/4" outside diameter rubber tubing (black in color)
Two plastic mounting brackets
Two 1/2" long roll bar mounting screws
Two flat washers
Two pieces of shrink tubing


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