Ram Ultra Brite Head Tail Lights RAM120
RAM120 Ram Ultra Brite Head & Tail Lights

Ram Ultra Brite Head Tail Lights RAM120

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Features: System comes completely pre-wired. Designed to provide the brightest possible lights for either electric or gas powered R/C cars while using a minimum of battery power. Designed to be wired directly to an electric cars battery source OR to use a 9V battery with the included 9V connector.

INCLUDES: One Ultra-Brite Head Light/Tail Light Wire Harness Set Prewired with two white lights (headlights), two red lights (taillights) and one 9V battery connector. One Instruction Sheet. One Ram Logo Stick Sheet


One 9 volt alkaline battery for gas powered cars OR solder and
soldering iron to connect harness to the chassis mounted wires.
Silicone glue to mount the lights, and scratch built light mounts.
Double sided tape to mount the 9V battery.

Input Voltage: 7.2 to 9
Each light is on a separate 12" wire

Review Summary


5 Stars Ram Ultra Brite Head and Tail Lights Ram120

Ron from TN wrote (March 11, 2014):

love this product works great

5 Stars RAM 120

IOAN from Dambovita wrote (February 06, 2013):


5 Stars rc lights

John from NY wrote (July 15, 2010):

these thing are really bright you can see them all the way down the street or your yard in pitch black darkness.