Great Planes RealFlight G3 G3.5 G4 Simulator Expansion Pack 2 GPMZ4112
GPMGPMZ4112 RealFlight G3 G3.5 G4 Expansion Pack 2

Great Planes RealFlight G3 G3.5 G4 Simulator Expansion Pack 2 GPMZ4112

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Great Planes RealFlight G3 Expansion Pack 2. Expansion Pack 2 is compatible with RealFlight Generation 3, 3.5 or 4.

Explore two new 3D flying sit's packed with thrilling challenges and lifelike, ever-changing detail. Survey an ancient Aqueduct. Race solo through the Obstacle Course 3, or use RealFlight's Multiplayer to challenge a friend.

Master indoor maneuvers at the Great Planes E-Fest™ Arena - a stunning new PhotoField environment with the extraordinary definition and clarity available only from RealFlight!

Expansion Pack 2 also adds 14 new photo-realistic planes and helis to your virtual hangar. RealPhysics™ technology duplicates the performance of their real-world counterparts to challenge and inspire every pilot. Included are:

"Flat foamy" electrics, like modelero's AeroCat E-Jet and Eclipse Bipe.

Scale military planes of the 1930s, including the beautiful P-6E Hawk and PT-17 Stearman biplanes.

High-performance helicopters from Miniature Aircraft, Thunder Tiger, and Carbon Xtreme.

Simulated versions of the experimental Pogo XFY-1 and today's premier air combat weapon, the F-22™ Raptor™ Stealth fighter.

Expansion Pack 2 also contains a flying machine that exists only on this software. Be among the first to fly the Wolf Spyder™ of the weirdest things with wings!

Fixed Wing Aircraft
Model Aero AeroCat E-Jet
Eclipse Biplane
F/A-22 Raptor
ElectriFly F6F Hellcat
ElectriFly Fun Force P-51 Mustang
ElectriFly Fun Force Zero
ElectriFly Mini Delta
Wolf Spyder
Great Planes P-6E Hawk
Great Planes PT-17 Military Stearman
Great Planes Venus II 3D
Pogo XYF-1
Ultrafly Models Radix-3D

Avant Aurora
Miniature Aircraft Fury Extreme
Miniature Aircraft Stratus 90
Thunder Tigre Raptor 90SE

Flying Fields
3-D Obstacle Course
3-D Aqueduct
PhotoField E-Fest Indoor Arena

RealFlight G3 or later version

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