Redcat Racing Ni-Mh Battery 6V,1100mA RED2155

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Redcat Racing 2/3A 5-cell 1100Mah NiMh 6v Hump pack Battery. Can be used in all NITRO: Lightning, Tornado, Tsunami, Volcano, Sandstorm, Maelstrom, Landslide, Twister, Typhoon, Hurricane, Monsoon, and Avalanche models.
  • Redcat Aftershock 21
  • Redcat Avalanche XP
  • Redcat Earthquake XP
  • Redcat Landslide 21
  • Redcat Landslide LT
  • Redcat Maelstrom LT
  • Redcat Sandstorm 21
  • Redcat Sandstorm LT
  • Redcat Twister LT

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