Slinky Toys Minilab Electro-Magnetix SLY02017
SLY2017 Slinky Toys Minilab Electro-Magnetix

Slinky Toys Minilab Electro-Magnetix SLY02017

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More than 30 experiments with electromagnetics and magnets. Magic with magnets. Play magnetic games. Build and electromagnetic mystery motor.
-Two bar magnets.
-Ten disk magnets.
-Motor magnet.
-Compass needle.
-Compass card.
-Cut rubber band.
-Coil of copper wire.
-Two brass contact clips.
-Two sets of decal dots.
-Iron filings.
-Battery holder.
-Red plastic winding cylinder.
-Steel plate.
-Clear plastic magnet cover.
-Two red plastic plates.
-Four red support posts.
-Clear plastic sleeve.
-Detailed and informative instruction booklet


D-Cell Alkaline Battery
Paper Clips
Adult Supervision

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