Slinky Toys Minilab Electro-Magnetix SLY02017
SLY2017 Slinky Toys Minilab Electro-Magnetix

Slinky Toys Minilab Electro-Magnetix SLY02017

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More than 30 experiments with electromagnetics and magnets. Magic with magnets. Play magnetic games. Build and electromagnetic mystery motor.

Two bar magnets
Ten disk magnets
Motor magnet
Compass needle
Compass card
Cut rubber band.
Coil of copper wire
Two brass contact clips
Two sets of decal dots
Iron filings
Battery holder
Red plastic winding cylinder
Steel plate
Clear plastic magnet cover
Two red plastic plates
Four red support posts
Clear plastic sleeve
Detailed and informative instruction booklet


D-Cell Alkaline Battery
Paper Clips
Adult Supervision

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