Top Flite Stinson Reliant SR-9 Giant Kit TOPA0310

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Top Filite Stinson is a classic, our largest kit ever! Between the dark days of the Depression and WWII an aviation legend was born. The brainchild of E.A. "Eddie" Stinson, the SR-9 was a class act, a "looker" with style, yet designed to go the distance in powerful, practical performance. But more than a stylish aircraft with staying power, the SR-9 was a shining example of pride and excellence in craftsmanship, a combination celebrated in Top Flite's kit for the Scale Craftsman.

Rewards craftsman builders' investments of time, talent and TLC with a sport scale masterpiece that flies as good as it looks. Ideal for detailing! Created with plans scaled from exacting 3-views. Includes preformed ABS parts: a radial cowl; gear, strut and tailwheel fairings; wheel pants; and inspection plates.

Just as the full-size SR-9 was in its heyday, Top Flite's 100.5" span version offers larger-than-life looks blended with solid, powerful performance. Features all-wood parts, Gold Edition-engineered for better fits, greater strength and simpler structures. Eases transportation problems with a 2-piece wing design and access to hidden wing bolts in the cabin with cabin doors that open! Provides servo mounts in each wing panel to shorten and tighten linkages, and speed and strengthen control response. Compatible with a wide range of finishing methods for authentic Golden Age good looks. Wing blends from a "Clark Y" airfoil at the root to a Selig 8036 airfoil to provide comforting stability and graceful aerobatics.

Adapts to a wide range of 2-stroke, 4-stroke and gasoline engines for customized performance. Perfect with an O.S. FT 160 Twin. A 2-piece, plug-in wing provides a practical solution to transportation realities, and reinforcement to an already strong wing attachment system. The optional Cabin Interior Kit adds a wealth of detail for a modest investment. Ideal for building in or adding on.


Engine- Gas: 1.5-2.1 cu in (25cc-35cc) (2-Stroke)
For Gasoline Engine: 16-24 oz Fuel Tank w/Gasoline Compatible
Stopper, Gasoline Fuel Tubing (Tygon or Bunan),
Easy Filler Fuel Valve For Gasoline and Engine Mount
Glow: 1.08-1.99 cu "

Wingspan: 100.5 in (2550 mm)
Wing Area:
1487 in? (95.9 dm?)
16-25 lb (7260-11340 g)
Wing Loading:
24.8-38.7 oz/ft? (76-118 g/dm?)
Fuselage Length:
67.8 in (1720 mm)

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